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A few recommendations:

The Mind-body Method by Dr Anders Hansen

Dr. Hansen's approach makes it easy to understand the connection between your mental and physical health, offering a roadmap to a more balanced and fulfilling life through a holistic perspective.

This book provides authoritative guidance on how to make meaningful changes in life by focusing on small, actionable habits.

In a world filled with sleep-deprived individuals, "Why We Sleep" offers a wake-up call, guiding you toward genuine well-being through the simple act of getting quality rest.

A timeless exploration of the human quest for purpose and fulfillment. Frankl's experiences in the horrors of a concentration camp provide a stark backdrop for his message of finding meaning even in the most dire circumstances.

This book offers insights and strategies to break free from the past and future, guiding you toward the liberating experience of the present moment.

Through the wisdom shared in this book, individuals can learn to let go of the burdens of their past and uncover a path to more authentic and meaningful living.

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